Bring your Wish-list to Life…


Is it possible to manifest our dreams?

The answer is a resolute YES.

Anything is possible if we want it enough – and if we know how to move past the psychological blocks created by our own minds.

1. If you want to do this, the first step is to bring your wishes down from the imagination and into real life. This is as simple as writing them down. Use pictures too. The end-result is a collage, a mixture of photos, pictures and words. The act of turning an idea into something concrete like this gives it Life.

2. So find some photos and/ or make some pictures of how you visualize the end result. Anything will do to start with – because this is a creative project; it’s like writing a song, or a book, or painting a picture. It’s an organic entity – IT lives. It may not end up how you planned it, because a creative project develops in its own way (just like our kids!)


I did this over the past year with my last project, a VW Kombi Roadster we call the Lovedub. And now I’m about to do the same thing with the pile of bits I’ve just purchased on German ebay.

I’ve already stuck a collage of all my Maicomobil bits on the wall. And I’ve bought a brochure of one too, to help create the idea of buying a new one.

As my project progresses, I’ll update this page, until eventually the Naked Maicomobil is finished and ready to ride.


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