Brighton Scooter Rally 50 Years Ago

With remarkable prescience in commenting on Brighton’s ‘gay carnival atmosphere,’ this article from 50 years ago
illustrates how 1950’s Lambretta Club runs predate the better-known south coast ‘mods & rockers’ clashes of the sixties.

The ‘Lambretta Club of Great Britain’ started in 1953, and held its meetings at the Albert Hotel, Kingston Hill, Kingston, Surrey. It was so successful that Lambretta Concessionaires established their own club called ‘The British Lambretta Owners Association’ and if you bought a new Lambretta you automatically became a member of BLOA and were issued with a membership card and blue shield club badge.

I live in Brighton, so I’ll do some local research to find pictures of the ‘bright blue uniforms of the Lambretta service attendants’ and turn this into our Brighton Vintage Transport Page.


As a footnote, it’s interesting to be reminded that petrol rationing in Britain only ended in 1957. Postwar petrol rationing helped sales of two-wheelers (particularly 2-strokes), but still affected unessential journeys on them.

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