1955 Peugeot S57 Scooter


In 1955, this model was the epitome of chic French fifties styling. It just needs a poodle on the pillion…


The S57 was famously designed to look like a 2-wheeled Peugeot 203 car. It has a ‘dashboard’ with pull-buttons just like a car …though it can be a little confusing, as pulling the button marked ‘S’ turns on the choke. The starter is the button marked ‘E.’


It also has a boot compartment over the front wheel, which is opened by a button above the footbrake.


Although I recently decided not to register any more of my imported vehicles – I don’t ride many of them on the road, and most are used for displays – the Peugeot is road-registered and sports the registration OUI 7575. It runs and handles superbly.


German scooters were better known for build quality and reliability, and French models respected for their sleek styling. But with their long history of motorcycle manufacture, Peugeot had a head-start when they introduced their new model of scooter. They took their time to road-test it before it went on sale.


The S57 was well-made and enjoyed a good reputation for handling and reliability. It was well-promoted by the company in road-rallies, both in Europe and in the various French colonies of the day.


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