Scooter & Microcar Show: Amberley Museum, 5th August 2007


Amberley Working Museum is a wonderful venue for a vintage vehicle show, and the Classic Microcar and Scooter Rally on Sunday 5th August, 2007 was no exception. The sun was shining, the organizers were very friendly and welcoming, the crowds really seemed to enjoy themselves, the museum itself was interesting and in a beautiful rural location, there was a good choice of beer …what else could we possibly ask of a vintage vehicle show?


The scooter exhibits were organized by Olly – who runs the Maico Club – and he did a splended job. Beautiful Maicomobils owned by Martin (left) and John can be seen above. And Olly’s wonderfully original Zundapp Bella below…


Maicoletta and Bella below…


Fabian rode over on his superb Phoenix (below)


Robin (below with family) brought along a beautiful DKR Capella from his amazing scooter collection.


The Lambretta LD display below was typical of the high standard of vehicles.



As the engine of my van blew up on my way to the Coventry Vintage Scooter Show earlier in the year, Amberley was my first opportunity to display some of my scooters (see photos below). I roped in my friend Steve to give me a hand and we convoyed in our vans to the event.


Above you can see my row of scooters: at the front is the 3-wheel Krause Picollo Trumpf, and behind it the Cezeta, red Goggo, blue Terrot, yellow Peugeot.

Below, the other end of the row: red and yellow Scooter de Manege (roundabout scooter), red Centaur folding scooter, and again yellow Peugeot and blue Terrot.


This day out provided a good opportunity for photos of my scooters; with the atrocious weather this summer most of them have remained inside. Below is the Goggo, with the little Terrot behind.


The Peugeot and Terrot are very photogenic…


I’d not previously thought of a Corgi as a scooter; to me it has always been a motorcycle. But I saw one on a scooter stand at a show and it does not take up much room, so I brought along my Corgi Combination anyway.



You can definitely see some front-end sympathies with the Cezeta (below) in the design of the Scooter de Manege (my futuristic little 1950’s French roundabout scooter, above).

Though these two are about as opposite as they can be in terms of weight and manouevrability. The little red and yellow darling is a lightweight pleasure, a joy to take to shows; while the enormous Cezeta justifiably lives up to its Czech nickname of ‘the Pig.’



And at the end we got to ride our scooters around a bit; the Peugeot fired up without problem and I followed John’s Maicomobil around the ring.


I got a bit of stick for wearing a motorcycle tee-shirt to a scooter show; never mind, I’ll even up the score next month – I’ll wear a scooter tee-shirt for the Ace Cafe Rockers Reunion Run.


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