1948 Brockhouse Corgi Sidecar Combination (Watsonian)


This delightful little Corgi Motorcycle sports a Watsonian Child’s Sidecar that was specially adapted for it.


I’ve owned it for several years, and I must admit that one of its main attractions is that the sidecar can be attached or detached in under 5 minutes – so it is very easy to store when not being used. In fact, it is light enough to be stored on a shelf rather than taking up valuable ground space.


As you can see in the period ads below, after the War, Brockhouse tried to market the idea of a Corgi Combination – using a small commercial box sidecar – as a viable utility vehicle for folks who could not afford a van (remember that both money and vehicles were in short supply in late 1940’s Britiain).




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