1960 Krause Picollo Trumpf – Is it a Scooter? Is it a Moped? Is it a Triporteur?


Is it a scooter? Is it a moped? Is it a triporteur?

Well, with an IWL scooter front end mated to a Krause 3-wheeled chassis and a Simpson 49cc engine, I suppose it’s all three.

Although, according to the translation of the German Krause website, it is in fact a ‘Piccolo Play the Trump Card Patient Elevator’ 🙂


‘Rarities, obscurities and oddities’ is the theme of my vintage collection. This 1960 Krause Picollo Trumpf Type 5 ticks all the boxes.

I bought it in Germany. I’d not previously come across one, but an email via the superb Rumcars forum to Stuart Cyphus, the invalid carriage expert, soon established its pedigree. Coincidentally he had recently received a copy of the Picollo Trumpf brochure (reproduced below) from Robin Spalding. So I managed to identify it and research it further without any delay.


The Trumpf not only looks odd, it is very odd (and downright dangerous) to drive. The controls are on a bar and, being an invalid carriage, it has a brake fail-safe which is that when the bar is pushed forward it operates the brakes. However, the throttle also rolls forward to accelerate – so while you’re holding onto the bar at the logical place, the throttle grip, it’s very easy to accelerate while trying to stop!


The rear-end is not at all scooterish; in fact, its little boot reminds me of the tricycle I owned as a child. I think I probably got more speed out of that tricycle too.


It made its debut at the Amberley Scooter and Microcar Show on 5th August 2007 (see Page 18).

There is quite an informative website for Krause vehicles. Of course, it’s in German, so I put it through a free internet translation service. The result is pure joy…

As you can read below, Krause Picollo Trumpf became a ‘PICOLLO PLAY THE TRUMP CARD’ and the model became a ‘patient elevator!’


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