Goggo Lastenroller

I tried to buy this part-restored Goggo 3-wheeler Utility Scooter on German ebay, but was pipped at the post. It sold for over €2600.

I was very disappointed – they are the rarest of the rare and I do like Goggos. But if I had bought that, I would not have bought the Maicomobil …so would not have started an online vintage scooter magazine called The Naked Maicomobil.




I decided that I would build my own custom Goggo Lastenroller later this year, after I’ve got stuck into my Maicomobil project …and when I’ve sold some of my other scooters to fund it. (I have a few listed for sale on my main website: www.groovydubs.com)


By the way, there are a lot of images on this website: if you do not have broadband, image loading is likely to be slow. Nevertheless, being a photographer, I prefer images to text, and it’s so much easier to browse an image-friendly website. It also makes it easier for international enthusiasts to browse.
(If slow image loading frustrates you, why not upgrade your internet connection?)

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Vespa sidecar in Sardinia

These reproduction sidecars are interesting, though delivery costs to UK are quite a bit.


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Lambretta LD Manege

This is a reasonable price for an ex-roundabout Lambretta scooter in good condition.


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Tula Tulitza Russian 3-Wheeler

I was surprised how much this 1970’s Russian Tula Muravey made on Australian ebay.



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1955 Motobecane Moby Scooter

This is on ebay at the moment:

This is a rare opportunity to have an original 1955 Scooter still on original tyres in original trim and has never been restored and is for it’s year outstanding, This scooter as shown in Classic Ssooters. was France’s answer to the Lambretta Model C, back in the fifties, I brought it in France and it’s last big outing was the Easter Heartlands Hospital run April 2004, She is started every week and run round the block, I have had it for 6 years and it has still only done under 5000 miles from new. Which gives it an average of just under 100 miles a year for the last 52 years. The 125cc all alloy engine has a chrome plated bore 3 speed gearbox with the same handlebar change as Lambretta’s totally enclosed drive which houses the chain, 10 inch wheels with a rear mounted spare. there is a rear pillion seat available with it. It is still on it’s French plates,I have it’s French log book, so putting it onto English plates is not a problem. Sorry to all the watchers, but due to a total misunderstanding,and a person who let us say was not a serious buyer, I have had to re-list the scooter and I have added a reserve price.


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French model triporteur

This very attractive tin-plate triporteur went for over £100 on French ebay



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1960s Velosolex Triporteur

Solex parts are cheap and plentiful, which makes one of these a very viable proposition. No doubt it rides as dangerously as the two-wheeler version too – ie pedal off, pull handle at front to drop engine onto front tyre; and needing 5 times as much braking distance as any other vehicle


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1967 Mokuli 250 FMR Messerschmitt Lastenroller

Mokuli 250 FMR Messerschmitt ,restauriert ,ansehen

I ran the German text through a free internet translation service. They are not the most reliable of translations – in fact they can be downright hilarious – but you can still see approximate results. (Goodness only knows the true meaning of “The young remote travel is approaching”)

It did not have a bid at its starting price of €2000.

In English:
Reduction of collection because of lack of space Offer various old mopeds, and/or Mokicks as partial carriers to restore or cannibalize. My collection became too large me. Some must loose will from space reasons. Everything can be visited gladly after date arrangement. Without warranty, cancelling or Nachverhandlungen. Everything is described after best knowledge and certain!!! Can send also gladly to the objects when desired still more photos. Location Hameln sews Hanover Property also still various other mopeds, and/or Mokicks on Anfrage(aber no Zuendapp KS50, Watercooled, Hercules K50 or Kreidler R-S). Mokuli type 250 Bj. 1967 Manufacturer Messerschmitt FMR Chassis number 53 Engine 50ccm Sachs 2 course air-cooled 2,6PS Permissible total weight 250 kg Colour pigeon-blue ral 5014 To the restoration: The Mokuli was completely divided and gesandstrahlt. The framework and various small articles were powder-coated. Shield and tank paint. The trailer coupling was installed again onto rear fender. All wheel arches are deleted with cavity sealing. To transport the Mokuli can be divided, since it is bolted in the center. New parts: All bowden cables, Tachowelle + Tacho, Tire + hose in the back, all screws are V2A, Taillight and headlight, Saddle and support, Exhaust manifold + pot inclusive cultivation material, all cables + light switches, Chain, rim in the back, Switching handle and gas grasp, Mirror and bell, Steering wheels and torque tube are again vercromt, All steering element sockets and knuckle sockets were again turned, part-outdated engine (of the veteran market), new steering wheel lock, Tie-down rings in the structure of box, Special wooden plate in the box, Sticker, div. Small articles Other: I put the front Kastenaufbau(Unterteil) only for the photo photographs on the framework. Must be bolted with final assembly. The engine I had let start in the hobby area already briefly. Invested I at all did not count much money at this really beautiful piece, the many working hours. Additionally I give still the increased structure of box with lift-up lid in addition!(ist still unrestauriert, and/or to pre-working begun). A blower-cooled spare engine can be procured against surcharge!! The literature which I have give I as copy thereby. The young remote travel is approaching!



The Club website for the Messerscmitt Mokuli is http://www.mokuli.de/mokuli/mokuli.htm

(See also Page 9: Clubs & Forums here on our website)

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1950 Monet Goyon 100cc Triporteur

This rare old French 3-wheeler seemed cheap at its sale price



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PAV 40 Trailer

The PAV man usually has one for sale on German ebay. They sell for around £400- £600 + delivery, depending on condition.

John in the British VMSC also supplies them, with innovations added to make them more practical to use.



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This original postwar style of remorque is almost impossible to find these days


Below is one of my favourite photos


I have listed more photos of fulgars and remorques on http://www.triporteurs.co.uk forum (there is a special section on the forum database for motorcycle-scooter trailers)

Click here to see them: http://triporteurs.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=5c2188e9ddac9c46382348b94f331cfe

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Ex-WD Gilera 3-Wheeler Pick-up

The Italian Army mostly used the Moto Guzzi Ercole 500 Motocarro, so this ex-army Gilera is quite rare. However, I much prefer the Guzzi for looks and style.


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1956 Lambretta FD

This Lambretta FD 3-wheeler on Italian ebay did not reach its reserve. Bids went up to €1100.

I bought my 1953 FD 3-wheeler on French ebay in similar condition for less; prices for Italian vehicles are higher on Italian ebay.


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1935 Framo Dreirad 3-Wheeler Pick-up

When I contacted the seller of this 1935 Framo, he offered to include delivery to England in his asking price of €2000.

It’s a rare beast in Germany, and with restored tempos commanding prices of £5000 upwards, probably a viable proposition.



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Peugeot TN55 Triporteur

This Peugeot TN55 seems quite cheap at its sale price, though bearing in mind the amount of work required it would no doubt be more viable to buy one requiring less restoration.

Still, if you have a Peugeot motorcycle as a donor you are more than half way there…


I take a keen interest in the Peugeot TN55, as I own one. Here’s a direct link to pictures of mine, with added photos of sales brochures for them:


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Bambini Sidecar

This Bambini sidecar (for restoration) was withdrawn from its ebay auction before the end (April 2007), so presumably the seller sold it off ebay during the auction.


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Home-Built Ariel Tractor

This curiosity appeared on ebay in March 2007. Presumably someone bought it by phoning up the seller, as the auction listing ended early.




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1934 Tempo 3-Wheeler Pick-up

I got the impression from the description that this Tempo was not a viable restoration prospect, as the seller was promoting the idea of parking it outside a business for advertising purposes


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Cycle Triporteur

This classic ‘stop-me-and-buy-one’ in Worthing made a fair price


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Tempo Pick-up Truck

This Tempo looked rather sorry for itself, and made £747.50



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