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Vintage scooter clubs are run by Us …for Us. Without us, they can’t exist. Support your vintage clubs!

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Triporteurs (3-Wheelers) and Vintage Scooter Forum

If you’d like to contribute an article to The Naked Maicomobil, provide feedback (always welcome in the often anonymous world of the internet), or contact the editor (Colin), you can have your say by registering on the forum below:

Please remember that it can sometimes take a while to have your forum registration approved (all forums are run on a voluntary basis).

Apart from the triporteurs forum, which is associated with this website, the other forums mentioned below do not have an automatic link back to

So you’ll need to use your Back button at the top left of your Browser to return to these hallowed pages


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Vintage Motor Scooter Club

The VMSC has 800 members, an excellent magazine, organizes a superb show each year, and is a must for vintage scooter enthusiasts


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Rumcars (Really Unusual Microcars)

The UK club for 3-wheelers. They have an excellent magazine and an active (and friendly) forum


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Lambretta Club of Great Britain

A well-run and – as Lambrettas are the most common scooter – a well-subscribed forum


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The Goggo Club Forum (Scooter Section)

I like Goggo scooters. This site is mainly for Goggomobils, but they have a scooter section too (a scooter is called a ‘roller’ in German). And the site has an English translation option too:


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European Motorcycles & Scooter Forum

Some scooters and mopeds are catered for in this forum, which otherwise covers a wide range of European motorcycles (and some British and American marques)


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Messerscmitt Mokuli Lastenroller

The Club website for the Messerscmitt Mokuli is


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British Two-Stroke Club

The BTSC was founded in 1929. It’s a good club for scooter enthusiasts to support…

British Two-Stroke Club: Mrs L Tanner, 259 Harlestone Road, Duston NN5 6DD

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Maico Owners Club

Maico Owners’ Club:

Chairman: Malcolm Oliver. 01903 773598. Sec:

Martin Plummer 01507 358132.

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Moto Rumi Club

Moto Rumi Club:

Sec: Paul Stokes, 41 Harpesford Avenue, Virginia Water, Surrey. GU25 4RA. 01344 843789.

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Jawa/CZ OMC of GB & Ireland

To register your Cezeta scooter…

Jawa/CZ OMC of GB & Ireland:

Tony Thain, The Old Dairy, Achnaha, By Kilchoan, Acharacle, Argyll PH36 4LW. 01972 510317.


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National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club

In the 1950s many of the manufacturers adapted their mopeds by adding a bit of extra bodywork to cash in on the scooter market. They are catered for by this excellent club…

National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club:

David Casper, 7 St Nicholas Road, Copmanthorpe, York YO23 3UX.

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